Babylove Swimming Turtle Bath Toys
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Brand Babylove Malaysia
Size (L x W x H) 10 cm x 7 cm x 5 cm
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Parent-Child ineraction 

Swimming Turtle

Allowed you to have Parent-Child ineraction !

During baby playing, parents can guide baby to identify colours, recognise animals, protect animals and environment, and raise baby's awareness of environmental protection. 

Children can also develop certain skill from this toy ! Why ?

Sensory stimulation

Dazzling colors and cute cartoon images can attract baby's attention and stimulate baby's visual development.


Motor skills

Let baby to play with turtle in the bathtub to exercise baby's hand motor skills and make baby like shower.


Outward Development

Improve baby's hands-on skills and hand-leg coordination. Recognize small animals to improve baby's IQ and EQ.


Discovery exploration

Rotate the chain and put turtle into water, it can swim forward quickly with moving fins , which can attract baby's attention and make baby like shower.


How to use :

  • Rotate the chain and put turtle into water , it can swim forward quickly.
  • Rotate the handle on turtle abdomen clockwise , dont rotate too tight.



  • This product is not suitable for children under 36 months.
  • This product with small parts may lead to mistake eating or chocking hazard.
  • Do not play in the wet areas or on the road.
  • When the product is damaged , stop children to use or play it to avoid causing harm.
  • Toys should be used under adult supervision.
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4 reviews
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Customer Reviews

comes with Warranty

uses electromagnet instead of motor. i think it's more durable than motor ones. it's automatic, i don't have to keep cradling already and focus on putting my baby to sleep while doing house chores. very convenient for moms who are busy! i work from home and also do house work so it could be really hectic if i have to be beside cradling everytime.


29 May 2019
Veradis Seraphina Sotong

Worthy & Recommended

Just managed to get a good deal of their baby cot at the last day of the MBS Baby fair. The boss is a good and kind person who is willing to go the extra mile to help. Cot is a good buy. Pure solid wood. Durable, nicely designed and easy to assemble and use. Mattress and accessories are of good quality too. Highly recommended. In Chinese saying 一分钱一分货。

28 May 2019
Marilyn Koay

Convenient Bathing

last time during my first daughter's time bath tub are all flat. have to put one hand below to make sure baby don't sleep flat into the water. but this one has a platform angled to let your baby's head stayed out from the water. perfect invention! comes with the net, potty, towel, bath mat and rinser too. everything is so useful.


28 May 2019

Help With Sleeping Problems

It is filled with anti-bacterial treated bean sprout husks, which are light-weight and porous. It has cooling effect make sure my daughter won't feel hot during her afternoon nap. It's quite hard for her to sleep sometimes but after changing her pillow she can sleep better now :)

28 May 2019

Love It!

Wow very fast delivery ya! The quality and material everything is okay. Comes with timer and music. Soothing kind of sleeping music for baby to fall asleep easier. The timer for me is easy to use.. Very basic. I think the best part of it is the music part! I love it.

28 May 2019
Nur Hanani M

A Must Have!

Everything packed into one. So glad I bought this! :)

28 May 2019
Rachelle C

Cotton Nursing Pillow

the size fits kids and adults well. very good usage for breast feeding and travelling. but my kid always use it so i'm planning to get another one now :)

28 May 2019
Wai Peng H

Ensure Safety

the bath stand is quite stable and able to hold baby weight

28 May 2019

Comes In A Set

this set of baby bath set reasonable price. the bath net is very useful especially if you's afraid of the baby falling into water or slipping. the towel absorbs water well. and what i love most is the anti-slip bath mat! it's a must in bathrooms even for adults. cause it could be very slippery when you bath so it's best to have one or more in bathroom

28 May 2019

Received in Good Condition !!

Bought it during 15% off. Price for a set is counted cheap. If you buy it separately will be more exp. The item in the set are all in good quality. thanks so much for the great products!


28 May 2019